What an amazing journey we have been on!  

We are so thankful to Fernando and Verónica, who served as our hosts during most of our time in Ecuador.  They have been the epitome of "servants" for many years.  The Lord has blessed them and us!  Please pray for Verónica as she is experiencing some difficult health issues.

Sharon and I are grateful that God allowed us to begin this new ministry in Colombia and Ecuador!  To be with people whom we have known and loved and with whom we have served was a great encouragement to us!  We are excited to see how the Lord will use Generations International Ministry in 2017. You can be a part of it!  

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in an amazing ministry and get some tax relief at the same time, be sure you click on the "Invest" button below and get your contribution in before midnight on Saturday, December 31st.  

We are grateful to Seminole Baptist for their help with this, while we still await the official response from the IRS.